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GFWC Middle Atlantic Region 

Anne H. Redlus, WHRC Chairman 


The goal for the members of the Middle Atlantic Region is to increase the membership in the GFWC Women’s History and Resource Center (WHRC).  Members should continue to learn about GF’s rich history and support the preservation and maintenance of the GF collections. Visit for membership benefits. There are six levels of giving $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1,000.  By becoming a Friend at any level, you will receive a subscription to the WHRC News which is an interesting and outstanding newsletter about various topics of GFWC history.  Checks should be made payable and sent to GFWC WHRC, 1734 N Street NW, Washington, DC 20036-2990.  Be sure to include your email address when subscribing.  Please let Anne Redlus know that you are or have recently become a member of WHRC by contacting her at   


Women's History and Resource Center 

Founded in 1984, the Women's History and Resource Center collects, preserves, interprets, and promotes the history of the GFWC and women volunteers. The WHRC documents the social and political contributions of GFWC clubwomen from 1890 to the present through the GFWC archives, related special collections, and publications.


GFWC Virtual Exhibits 

Explore GFWC history through our virtual exhibits, GFWC History Timeline: 1868-2009 and International Presidents of the General Federation of Women's Clubs: 1890-2011. Showcasing GFWC accomplishments, milestones, and International Past Presidents; each exhibit directs you to related records in the WHRC online catalog.


WHRC Online Catalog 

The WHRC online catalog currently provides access to a growing body of information and images related to GFWC's history, including archival material, photographs, publications, art, and artifacts. Tips for searching are available by clicking the Help button on the search screen. To avoid too many hits, leave out GFWC when searching for names of clubs and state federations. Watch for catalog updates as new material is added. 

Please direct any questions and comments to


Join the Friends of the WHRC today! Your membership donation will help the WHRC engage in outreach activities for students, teachers, and others interested in learning more about the history of GFWC and women volunteers; preserve and catalog the WHRC’s multimedia collections; build the research library collection of publications on women’s history; and offer internships and research fellowships.


To join the Friends, please send a check in the desired amount to WHRC Friends, GFWC, 1734 N Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20036, or order your membership through the GFWC Marketplace

To help you choose your level of giving, view the WHRC Wish List. This list shows the approximate cost of materials needed to support the WHRC mission.  


The following MAR members from Delaware are WHRC Members:

Trish Rodriguez, Jane Folz, Henrietta Belcher-Stack, Jan Conant, Justine Davis, Cyndi Angermeire, Rising Sun Community Club, GFWC Delaware State Federation of Women's Clubs.