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GFWC Members

GFWC members, from ages 12 to 102, live in cities, suburbs, and rural communities around the globe. They are working women, stay-at-home moms, retirees, and students, united by a shared commitment to volunteer community service.


Members of GFWC clubs are encouraged to focus their efforts on Community Service Programs and Special Projects in Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention and Advocates for Children that meet local needs, and take advantage of our national network of organizations and programs that have provided a framework for over 100 years of accomplishment.


Become a Member 

Becoming a GFWC member means joining a local GFWC club, where more than 100,000 members are actively engaged in volunteer community service in approximately 4,000 clubs across the globe. 

If you do not find a club in your community or if you want to start a GFWC club in your hometown, please connect with our . A club representative in or near the town where you live will get in touch with you to answer any questions to help connect you with a club. 


Recruitment Campaigns

GFWC's Seasonal Recruitment Campaign

"Membership—the 'Sole' of the Federation"

Help your club recruit members and get recognition for it all year long! Report your successful recruitment events and new members to GFWC Headquarters as part of GFWC’s Seasonal Recruitment Campaign. Remember, GFWC Membership is the “Sole” of the Federation!

In keeping with the 2012-2014 GFWC Membership Committee theme, Membership—the “Sole” of Federation, the recruitment seasons focus on seasonal shoes:


  • Summer: June, July, and August

  • Recruitment Report due September 1


  • Fall: September, October, and November

  • Recruitment Report due December 1


  • Winter: December, January, and February

  • Recruitment Report due March 1


  • Spring: March, April, and May

  • Recruitment Report due June 1

Plan creative membership recruitment campaigns and events around the many national awareness and commemoration months and days aligned with GFWC Special Projects and Community Service Programs