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General  Federation  of  Women’s  Clubs  Middle  Atlantic  Region 

STANDING  RULES (Amended October 6, 2012) 


   A.  The name of the organization shall be the GFWC Middle Atlantic Region (GFWC MAR).  

   B.  The purpose of the GFWC MAR shall be to promote a better understanding of the structure, 

         program, and challenge of  the GFWC. 

   C.  The membership of the GFWC MAR shall include clubwomen from Delaware, New Jersey, 

         New York, and Pennsylvania. 



        A.  The fiscal year shall be from July 1 through June 30. 

        B.  Annual Dues – Each state federation shall pay annual dues of $75.00 payable on or before 

              the Annual Meeting. 

        C.  The Treasurer or President shall be empowered to sign all checks. 

        D.  Conference Expenses: 

              1.  Registration Fee – The registration fee for those attending the Annual Conference  

                   shall be determined by the Board of Directors.  Registration fees shall be applied to 

                   the expenses of the Annual Conference.  Any surplus shall be deposited in the Region                     


              2. Funds, as required, may be advanced to the hostess state on approval of the Board of 

Directors. These funds must be repaid in full within 60 days following the close of the                               conference. 

              3.  Financial Reports: 

                   a.  Requests for reimbursement for Conference expenses by officers or committee 

                        members shall be submitted along with receipts for expense verification to the 

                        GFWC MAR Conference Chairman within 14 days following the Conference. 

                   b.  The Conference Chairman shall submit a detailed financial report along with  

                        expense verification, together with a check for surplus monies made payable to 

    the GFWC Middle Atlantic Region, to the Treasurer within 60 days following the  

    close of the Conference.  A copy of the Financial Report shall also be sent to the President. 

    The report will be distributed to members attending the semiannual meeting following the 



              4.  Region Conference registration fees shall be waived for current Region LEADS  



               5.  The GFWC Middle Atlantic Region officer who will be serving as the President 

                    at the time of the Conference shall sign the hotel contract for the Conference and 

                    provide signed contract copies to the hostess State President and Conference 

                    Chairman.  Proviso:  Beginning with the 2011 Region Conference. 


         E.  Redistricting - In the event of a redistricting of the Region by GFWC, the remaining funds  

              in the Region treasury shall be prorated on a state federation basis and shall become the  

              property of the corresponding constituent organization.  In the event of dissolution of the 

              Regions, the remaining funds in the Region treasury shall be refunded to the member state 

              federations on a prorated basis. 


         F.  If funds are available, a gift to the GFWC Headquarters shall be selected by the Board of 

              Directors and presented at the GFWC Convention in the even-numbered years. 



         A.  The officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer selected in the 

               following rotation:  Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey.  The offices of 

               Secretary and Treasurer may be combined if the Region deems it advisable. 


         B.  Eligibility – Candidates for office shall: 

               1.  Be a member of a club in active membership in the Region. 

               2.  Have served at least one term on the GFWC Board of Directors. 

               3.  Each candidate shall be endorsed by her state.  The endorsement shall be obtained at 

                    the state convention assembled in the odd-numbered year or, in the absence of such 

                    previously identified convention, by the endorsement of 2/3 of the active clubs in the 

                    state federation.  Endorsement shall be properly documented and sent by certified mail 

                    to the Region Nominating Committee Chairman. 


         C.  No state may have more than one officer serving at the same time. 

         D.  No officer shall serve more than one consecutive two-year term in the same office. 

         E.  Vacancies – A vacancy in any elective office shall be filled by election of the Board of 

               Directors of the Region for the unexpired term.  The resident state of the vacating office 

               shall notify the President in writing of its nominee to fill the unexpired term. 


         F.  Duties of Officers 

              1.  The President shall: 

                          a.  Preside at all meetings of the Region and Board of Directors. 

                          b.  Serve on the Board of Directors of the GFWC. 

                          c.  Plan the Annual Meeting and Conference with the Board of Directors. 

                          d.  Arrange the meeting to be held during the GFWC Convention. 

                          e.  Appoint such committees as may be needed to implement the work of the 

                               Region.  State Presidents shall assist by providing necessary names. 

                          f.   Serve as ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. 

                          g.  Provide information about hotel reservations for the Annual Conference to all 

                               members in attendance at the Semi-Annual Meeting. 

                          h.  Compile a report of her administration to be filed with the Region records and 

                               with her successor.  At the end of the administration a report of her administration, 

                               photographs, programs, meeting minutes and any related information shall be sent 

                               to the GFWC Women’s History and Resource Center for historical preservation. 


                 2.  The Vice-President shall: 

                          a.  Perform the duties of the President in her absence. 

                          b.  Assist the President in the carrying out of the purposes of the Region. 

                          c.  Serve as ex-officio member of the Finance Committee. 

                          d.  Be responsible for purchasing the Past President’s pin. 


                 3.  The Secretary shall: 

                          a.  Record the minutes of all meetings of the GFWC Middle Atlantic Region 

                         Conferences, the Board of Directors, and the Semi-Annual Meeting during 

                         the Annual GFWC International Convention.  The Secretary shall submit 

                         minutes to the Middle Atlantic Region President, Parliamentarian and, with 

                         the exception of the minutes of the Board of Directors Meetings, to the 

                         Committee members appointed for approval of the minutes within 30 days 

                         after each meeting. 

                          b.  Report and submit a written report for the files at the Annual Meeting and at 

                               the Semi-Annual Meeting during the GFWC Convention.  Copies are to be 

                               sent to the Board of Directors. 


                 4.  The Treasurer shall: 

                          a.  Deposit all funds in a bank account and disburse funds as allocated in the 

                               Budget or upon authorization of the President. 

                          b.  Report and submit a written report for the files at the Annual Meeting and 

                               at the Semi-Annual Meeting during the GFWC Convention.  Copies are to 

                               be sent to the Board of Directors. 

                          c.  Close the financial records by the end of the fiscal year, June 30th, of the 

                               even-numbered years, and turn the records over to the incoming Treasurer 

                               within 30 days. 

                          d.  Serve as an ex-officio member of the Finance Committee. 

                          e.  The Treasurer shall send a dues notice by July 15th to each of the four State 



                 5.  The officers shall serve as voting delegates to the GFWC Convention. 



 A.  A Nominating Committee of four (4) members, one from each state, shall be elected at 

             the Annual Meeting in the even-numbered years.  Immediately following the election  

             of the committee, the committee shall elect a chairman. 


             It shall be the duty of each committee member to bring the name of her state’s endorsed 

             candidate to the committee.  The committee shall review qualifications and state 

             endorsement of candidates for each office as submitted by each individual and state and 

             present a slate of officers to the GFWC MAR for election.  The slate must be sent to the 

             MAR President 90 days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting in the odd-numbered 

             calendar year.  This committee may conduct its business by mail, email, and/or 

             telephone with the results properly documented. 


             The Nominating Committee shall present its report at the meeting at which the election 

             will occur.  The nominating slate shall be included with the Call to the meeting. 


             Nominations may be made from the floor following the committee report.  Candidates 

             nominated shall have met the requirements of eligibility and shall have consented to 

             serve if elected. 


 B.  Elections – Election of Region Officers shall take place at the Annual Meeting in the 

       second year of the GFWC administration.  A plurality vote shall elect.  Where there is 

       only one candidate for a given office, election may be by voice vote.  If there is more 

       than one candidate for an office, the vote shall be by ballot. 


 C.  Installation – Installation of new officers shall take place at the close of the Semi-Annual 

       Meeting in the even-numbered years.  They shall assume the responsibilities of office 

       immediately following the close of the meeting. 


      A.  A. Annual Meeting – There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Region in the fall of each year 

            unless otherwise determined by the GFWC Board of Directors.  The site of the Annual 

            Meeting/Conference shall be determined by the hostess state in consultation with the Region 

            President and the GFWC President-elect and approved by the GFWC Executive Committee. 

            The meetings shall be for the purpose of hearing reports, conducting business of the Region, 

            and for presenting a program to promote the objectives of GFWC. 


      B.  B. Semi-Annual Meeting – There shall be a Semi-Annual Meeting of the Region held during 

            the GFWC Convention.  The agenda for this meeting shall include the Installation of New 

            Officers in the even-numbered years.  It shall include such other items of business as the 

            President and the Board of Directors may consider appropriate. 


      C.  C. The Call – The President shall send the Call to the Conference Meetings at least 60 days 

            prior to the meeting date.  This Call shall be sent to all members of the Board of Directors, 

            GFWC International Past Presidents residing within the Region, the funded GFWC 

            Chairmen authorized to attend, and to GFWC Chairmen and Committee members in the 

            Region.  State Presidents shall furnish copies of the Call to all member Clubs and other 

            appropriate officers and Chairmen at least 45 days prior to the meeting.  Information about 

            hotel reservations for the Annual Conference should be available to all members in attendance 

            at the Semi-Annual Meeting. 



            A.   The Board of Directors shall consist of the Region officers, Chairmen of the Region 

               Committees, and the Presidents and Directors of Junior Clubs of member states.  This 

               Board shall manage the affairs of the Region, recommend the disposition of Region funds, 

               make recommendations to the Region, fill vacancies in an elected office, and perform such 

               other duties as may herein be provided or authorized by the Region.  The Board shall meet 

               annually prior to the Annual Meeting and at other times, if necessary, at the call of the 



               A quorum for meetings of the Board shall consist of six (6) people, with at least one  

               person from each state of the Region. 


  B.  The President shall appoint a Parliamentarian who will attend all meetings of the Board of 

      Directors and the Annual Meeting.  She shall be a member ex-officio of the Standing Rules 



              A.  Auditing – An Auditing Committee of four (4) members, one from each state, shall be 

                  appointed by the Region President at the Semi-Annual Meeting in the even-numbered  

                  years.  The President shall designate the Chairman of this committee. 


                  The committee shall audit the Treasurer’s accounts before the close of the GFWC 

                  Convention and submit its report at the Annual Meeting in even-numbered years. 


               B.  Standing Rules – There shall be a Standing Rules Committee of four (4) members, one 

                  from each state, appointed by the President.  The President shall designate the Chairman 

                  of this committee.  It shall be the duty of this committee to receive proposals for 

                  amendments, meet prior to the Annual Meeting to review the Standing Rules of the 

                  Region taking into consideration all proposed amendments, and submit all amendments 

                  to the assembly for action before the close of the Annual Meeting. 


               C.  Finance – A Finance Committee composed of the Treasurer, Vice-President ex-officio, 

                  and four (4) members, one from each state, shall be appointed by the President.  The 

                  President shall designate the Chairman.  This committee shall present an annual Budget 

                  for approval at the Annual Meeting.  A copy of the Budget shall be distributed to each 

                  person attending the Annual Meeting. 


               D.  Term – The term of these committees shall be for the two-year administration.