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 Bottom-up or top-down, leadership involves taking risks, being innovative, and promoting new directions. While some may talk about being born leaders, most of us have to learn it. Anyone can become a leader by developing a clear and compelling vision; establishing attainable goals; providing–and being provided–with encouragement and appreciation; behaving with an entrepreneurial spirit; and pursing training and education.


GFWC Middle Atlantic Region Leadership Questions :
Checklist :

- GFWC - Club Departmental Reports Due
- Clubwoman Magazine Club & Individual Subscriptions
- Women's History & Resource Center Club and Individual Memberships
- Membership Increase or Decrease January 1, 2013 0 December 31, 2014 continued to March

- Club Announcements & Encouragement of:
                                                  *State Board Meeting - Date & Time & Place
                                                  *Membership Luncheons - Date & Time & Place
                                                  *State Convention - Date & Place
                                                  *GFWC Convention - June 21 - Chandler, Arizona
                                                  *Region Meeting/Installation - Chandler, Arizona
                                                  *Region Conference - Sept 11 - 14 Albany, New York

- Name - Address - Tel #s - Email of Incoming Club Officers to St. President - Elect's for Directories

- Installation of Club Officers - 2014 - 2016
- New Member Induction Ceremony

- LEADS 2014 Nominee

- GFWC Protocol
- GFWC Parliamentary Procedures
- GFWC Bylaws
- GFWC History
- GFWC Reception - March 13 th - 1734 N Street Washington DC

- State Bylaws
- State - GFWC Departmental Reports Due
- State - LEADS Seminars in each of the four States in our Region (a first)
- State Gift to GFWC amount

- Club Protocol
- Club Parliamentary Procedures
- Club Bylaws
- Club History

- Honoring a State or Club Leader in the State & GFWC Convention Programs

Step Forward & Believe,
"Trish" Rodriguez

Region President 2012 - 2014

PS Reminders - to GFWC-DSFWC:
- Federation Day Auction Form
-Selbyville Community Club & VIA - bus trips & tours of Winterthur Museum - Downton Abbey Exhibit
-Zwaanendael Club of Lewes - schedule of Teas
-VIA Fashion Show
-GFWC Reception - March 13 th - 4:00 p.m. - 1734 N Street DC
- First LEADS Seminar in every State in our Region -
- Read your Clubwoman - (5) GFWC-DSFWC are pictured or mentioned in recent issue. Congrats !!
                    Jane Folz
                    Jessie of Rising Sun Community Club
                    Sandy Roberts
                    Trish Rodriguez
                    Cyndi Angermier
                    Elizabeth Schirmer - PA photo also



                GFWC-NY Middle Atlantic Region

2012 – 2013 LEADS Report 


After canvassing the 2012 LEADS Grads, I found that they have all been busy in their individual states.  Lois Richards (PA), Betty Sanders (NY), Carolyn Forbes (DE) and Annette Bortone (NJ) stated, “From giving reports on leadership and the LEADS program at our state Board meetings to talking about the LEADS experience every chance we get, always trying to recruit members to apply, the grass doesn’t grow under our feet.”  They brought back a lot of info from each of their LEADS experiences and reported to their members how important it was to learn all they could about their clubs and federation. Annette Bortone also is serving on her State Fall Conference Committee and Spring Conference Committee.  And she is actually running for her Town Commissioner position!  LEADS reps are also in the process of collecting applications for LEADS candidates.  2012 LEADS were even lucky enough to visit some of their Clubs and speak about LEADS.   


In Delaware, Carolyn Forbes and past LEADS also helped to develop new LEADS pre-seminar guidelines: 

1.     Each incoming LEADS will serve one year as a mentor of Programs working in          conjunction with the Chair of Dean of Programs. 

2.     After one year, LEADS will serve as the Leadership Chair. 

3.     After the two years, LEADS would be expected to volunteer for a State Executive Officer position. 

4.     The GFWC-DSFWC LEADS application will be changed to read LEADS applicant must have been a Club Officer, ie. President, etc. 

5.     LEADS applicant must agree to make the commitment to DSFWC and continue in State and National leadership positions. 


As research shows, women are more likely to accept leadership positions if they have a good idea of what is expected of them and know that a club member will nurture and support them along their journey. 


Club, district, state, and national volunteers will become leaders by developing a clear and compelling vision for what one wants to become; establishing attainable goals; providing-and being provided-with encouragement and appreciation; behaving with an entrepreneurial spirit; and pursuing training and education.  The vision we cast as leaders while engaging our members will ensure even greater impact by our GFWC clubs.  We can make a BIG difference while changing lives forever!   

Prepared By:  Candace B. Edwards 

                        2012 GFWC-NY MAR LEADS Chair 

                        2010 GFWC-NY LEADS Grad 


Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS) 

The GFWC LEADS program is intended to identify GFWC members at the grassroots level who have the potential and the desire to assume leadership positions in GFWC beyond their club. Participation in GFWC LEADS can help these members gain the capabilities, confidence, and commitment necessary to pursue and achieve higher office and serve with distinction. The LEADS program is held annually the day before the official opening of the GFWC Annual Convention. It is a full day of activities, and includes breakfast and lunch.  

LEADS may include the following: 

  • Presentations on conflict resolution, mediation, public speaking, time management, and parliamentary procedure  
  • Explanation of GFWC resources, materials, and assistance   
  • Discussions on GFWC policies, procedures, and parliamentary law  
  • Tips and techniques for pursuing leadership opportunities  

Middle Atlantic Region LEADS


        LEADS Region Chairman - Candace Edwards, NY
                 Delaware LEADS 2012 - Carolyn Forbes DE
                 New Jersey LEADS 2012 - Annette Bortone NJ
                 New York LEADS 2012 - Betty Sanders NY
                 Pennsylvania LEADS 2012 - Lois Richards PA


         Delaware LEADS 2013- JoAnne Koehler DE
         New Jersey LEADS 2013 - NJ
         New York LEADS 2013 - Nancy Keoghan NY

         Pennsylvania LEADS 2013- Laura Laspee PA 



GFWC Middle Atlantic Region Past Presidents

Mrs. Rowland F. Davis 1952-1954 New York
Mrs. Wilson Y. Christian 1954-1956 New Jersey
Mrs. Harvey W. Wiley 1956-1958 Washington, DC
Mrs. Samuel J. Mc Cartney (D) 1958-1960 Pennsylvania

Mrs. Goode R. Cheatham (D) 1960-1962 New York
Mrs. William J. Storey (D) 1962-1964 Delaware
Mrs. Harley T. Dangremond 1964-1966 New Jersey
Mrs. David T. Gates 1966-1968 Maryland
Mrs. Russell Clements (D) 1968-1970 Pennsylvania
Ms. Virginia M. Dougherty 1970-1972 New York
Mrs. William N. Cann (D) 1972-1974 Delaware
Mrs. S. Herbert Taylor 1974-1976 New Jersey
Mrs. Rex T. Wrye (D) 1976-1978 Pennsylvania
Mrs. Alonzo Quinn 1978-1980 New York
Ms. Anne Evans (D) 1980-1982 Delaware
Ms. Virginia Zanetich 1982-1984 New Jersey
Ms. Virginia Laut 1984-1986 Pennsylvania
Ms. Ida Ruscitti (D) 1986-1988 New York
Mrs. Dorothy Traynor (D) 1988-1990 Delaware
Ms. Marijane Singer 1990-1992 New Jersey
Mrs. Ida M. Findley (D) 1992-1994 Pennsylvania
Ms. Margaret Mc Grath (D) 1994-1996 New York
Mrs. Joyce E. Schaefer (D) 1996-1998 Delaware
Mrs. Gloria Malasky 1998-2000 New Jersey
Mrs. Anne Kime 2000-2002 Pennsylvania
Mrs. Jane Lee Nosal 2002-2004 New York
Mrs. Grace W. Arles 2004-2006 Delaware
Mrs. Dorothy Lowe Greene 2006-2008 New Jersey
Mrs. Carolyn A. Selders 2008-2010 Pennsylvania
Mrs. Elaine Ko-Talmadge 2010-2012 New York

Mrs. Patricia “Trish” Rodriguez 2012-2014 Delaware