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Registration Form 

GFWC Middle Atlantic Region Conference 

September 11 - 14, 2014 



PHONE:____________________ EMAIL:__________________________ 

Registration Fee:                                                                    $25___________            

Thursday, September 11th 

Dinner off-site, transportation included 

Sirloin ____ Chicken Teriyaki_____ Haddock____           $40___________    

Friday, September 12th 

Morning of Service at Food Bank Yes________ No___________ 

Luncheon Cruise                                                                     $43___________            

NY State Dinner 

Chicken ala Normande____ Vegetable Strudel_____      $36___________ 

Saturday, September 13th 

Breakfast $23____________ 


Ham/Cheese _____ Turkey _____ Vegetable Wrap_____ $28____________ 


Salmon____ Penne _____ Chicken Parmesan _____     $32____________    

Sunday, September 14th 

Breakfast                                                                                    $19 ___________                            

Total Enclosed                                                                            $________________    

Please advise if you have any special dietary needs such as vegetarian, gluten-free or allergies: 


I am _______ am not________ bringing a hula hoop. Each person bringing a hula hoop will 

receive a free 50/50 ticket. 

Please mail registration form and check payable to GFWC MAR Conference to: 

Beverly Pierson 

17 Countryside Road 

Fairport, NY 14450 

DEADLINE: Postmarked by September 1st NO EXCEPTIONS!


Bus Trip to Albany for the MAR Conference


Trish Rodriguez, 2012-2014 Middle Atlantic Region President, has arranged for a 

bus to bring Delaware and New Jersey members to the September 11-14, 2014 

MAR Conference. The bus will deliver you, refreshed and relaxed, to the 

Desmond Hotel in Albany where the Conference will take place, and then bring 

you home.


Thursday, September 11th 

9:00 am Leave Dawson Bus Yard, Camden, Delaware 

AVOID Parking in Bus Yard. Please have someone drop you off. 

12:30 pm Arrive at NJSFWC Headquarters, New Brunswick, NJ 

Members may leave their cars in the parking lot. 

1:00 pm Leave New Brunswick 

4:00 pm Arrive Desmond Hotel, Albany, NY


Sunday, September 14th 

1:00 pm Leave Desmond Hotel, Albany, NY 

3:30 pm Arrive at NJSFWC Headquarters, New Brunswick, NJ 

4:00 pm Depart from New Brunswick 

7:30 pm Arrive Camden, Delaware 


GFWC Middle Atlantic Region Conference Bus Trip 


Address: ________________________________________________________ 

Telephones: Home______________________ Cell______________________ 

Email address: ____________________________________________________ 


Cost: $113.00 

Send check payable to “GFWC Guild”, with “NY Bus” on Memo Line to: 

Peggy Long 

103 Stuart Drive 

Penn Wood 

Dover, DE 19901 

Cell: 302/242-4856 Home: 302/538-6971


DEADLINE: July 15, 2014