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Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania 









Donate to the GFWC Women’s History and Resource Center in support of our activities and you will become a Friend of the WHRC. By joining the Friends of the WHRC, you will help the GFWC Women’s History and Resource Center:  


• Preserve and maintain GFWC collections 

• Increase research library acquisitions 

• Provide student field study opportunities 


 Presidential  $1,000 

 Benefactor $500 

 Sponsor $250 

 Patron $100 

 Supporter $50 

 Friend $25 

 Please visit for membership benefits.  

Name _________________________________________________ 

Club __________________________________________________ 

Address _______________________________________________ 



For club memberships, please provide contact information for the  

club president.  

Club president_________________________________________ 

Address ______________________________________________ 



Email edition of WHRC News:   Yes   No 

Check donation status:    Individual   Club 


Checks should be made payable and sent to: 


1734 N Street NW 

Washington, DC 20036-29990 


Friend Levels: 

PRESIDENTIAL—$1,000 per year 

– Engraved crystal paperweight 

– Name of individual or club added to large plaque outside the WHRC Research Library 

BENEFACTOR—$500 per year 

  Contribution acknowledged in GFWC Clubwoman Magazine 

  Full-day archives training workshop for individual or club representative using the collections at the  

WHRC (Small group format; certificate provided upon completion) 

SPONSOR—$250 per year 

  20 percent discount on library research services, including photocopying 

  Feature story on WHRC–related topic on GFWC website 

PATRON—$100 per year 

  15 percent discount on library research services, including photocopying 

  Current GFWC Holiday Ornament 

SUPPORTER—$50 per year 

  10 percent discount on library research services, including photocopying 

  WHRC–related story featured in WHRC News 

FRIEND—$25 per year 

  Exclusive Friends of the WHRC pin  

  Subscription to WHRC News (name listed) 

  Identification as Friends member with convention name badge ribbon  



The money raised through these memberships is used for a variety of items. In 2012, Friends donations were used to fund an analysis of the HQ piping system by a prominent architectural historian to assist in approaching any piping project in our historic HQ building.   


Make sure that each state has a WHRC chairman and submit her name to GFWC HQ along with her email address for her free electronic copy of the WHRC news.


                                                                 GFWC Middle Atlantic Region

Treasurer’s Report (TO BE ANNOUNCED)  






Below are listed all the LEADS grads that attended GFWC-MAR Conference...  I just wanted to personally say thank you for attending the conference.  Not only was it informative, but you all truly made it fun!!  I loved getting to know each of you a little better... and the laughing was contagious!!!  You made me so proud...   
Again, thanks for coming!  Hope to see you in New York next year!!
Candace Edwards
Peggy Hallett            2004
Henri Belcher-Stack  2010
Carolyn Forbes         2012
Cyndi Angermeier     2013
Clara Campbell         2005
Beverly Mancini        2009
Mary Ellen Luthy      2011
Annette Bortone       2012
Diana Kleemann       2007
Candace Edwards    2010
Nancy Keoghan       2013
GFWC Pennsylvania LEADS
Diane Lake              2010
Donna Reeder          2006 
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 LEADS song adapted for the conference from:  

The Beatles Song…  With A Little Help From My Friends, Billy Shears

What would you think if we ran a great meeting
Would you stand up and applaud us?
Lend me your ears and we'll tell you a tale
And we'll try not to make such a fuss
Oh we get by with a little help from our members
Mm we can’t fly without  help from our members
Oh we’re going to try with a little help from our members

What do we do when they all disagree?
(And they can’t come to consensus at all?)
With all the tools that you learn in LEADS
(You can resolve all of their needs!)
Oh we get by with a little help from our members
Mm we can’t fly without help from our members
Oh we’re going to try with a little help from our members.

(Do you need anybody?)
We need somebody to LEAD
(Could it be anybody?)
We want somebody to LEAD

(Would you believe in a LEADS at first sight?)
Yes we're certain that it happens all the time
(What do you think when you hear about LEADS?)
We can tell you, that they won’t resign
Oh we get by with a little help from our members
Mm we can’t fly without  help from our members
Oh we're going to try with a little help from our members.

(Do you need anybody?)
We need somebody to LEAD 

(Could it be anybody?)
We want somebody to LEAD

Oh we get by with a little help from our members
Mm we can’t fly without help from our members
Oh we’re gonna try with a little help from our members
Yes, we say bye with a little help from our members  (wave good bye!)


GFWC has four Home Life Partners 


We are very excited about each one. 

 You can 

*volunteer time at special events  

*donate funds to support your favorite charitable group

*organize club supported events to raise funds 

 *invite someone to speak at your club meeting to create more awareness. 




One of the oldest and largest assistance dog programs providing trained dogs for children, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities. 

YOU can be a puppy raiser—YOU can make puppy blankets---  

 YOU can raise funds to place a dog with a veteran. 

What a great project for even a small club. 



Provides services to ensure that all persons with disabilities have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play. Easter Seals assist more than one million children and adults with disabilities and their families. It is a partner that meets the needs of the community it serves. Easter Seals have many programs that we can participate in as well.  They have great fundraisers that clubs can participate in for club projects. Check it out and find the one that is right for you and your club. 




Joining GFWC last year, this has been an exciting partner to work with. Workshops were given at the 2012 and 2013 GFWC Convention. 

Women learn all about the five most common gynecological cancers. This partner provides great materials for you to hold educational programs or workshops so that women are more knowledgeable about their health care. Check out the GFWC manual for all the information. 




This partner just joined us this year and what an addition to our opportunities. 

We had a great Red Dress fashion show and presentation at the 2013 GFWC Convention.  Sorry if your missed it.  But never fear-- we have had great workshops presented at the Region meetings and lots of information on line for you to use. 

Go to and you will find it all.  If you have problems just call NIH at 301-592-8573 and they will assist you. 



Sandra K. Roberts, GFWC Home Life Partnership Chairman 





 Fundraising Report for MAR – Shirley Holly GFWC Fundraising Committee

GFWC merchandise was sold at MAR Conference on Saturday, October 5th from 9 AM-4:45 PM in the vendor area.  Member pins, President’s pins, Signature Project pins, volunteer buttons with the new volunteer spirit logo, pens, thank you cards, address books and T-shirts were some of the GFWC merchandise sold.   Total sales were $757.50, which is an increase in sales from last year.    Members asked that I voice their concern about the T-shirts.   Members have asked for the larger print “GFWC” across the front and they prefer red T-shirts.  They felt that red stands out more and they want everyone to see the “GFWC” not just the person standing right in front of them.  This sentiment has been sent to GFWC.


GFWC Middle Atlantic Region

2012-2014 GFWC Clubwoman Report

Dorothy (Dotti) M. Zimmerman, Chairman

October 4, 2013


 In this administration:

1.                      We are pushing for subscriptions from all members for our GFWC Clubwoman, the magazine highlighting the “ALL” of GFWC.<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" /> 

 As of October 2, 2013 we have 179 subscriptions in Middle Atlantic Region with 13,465 members. That is an increase of 15 subscriptions and a decrease of 530 members in our region.


This doesn’t include the complimentary issues. All Club Presidents receive complimentary issues to share with their club.


               Subscriptions by state: DE: 33    NJ: 87    NY: 28    PA: 31

               Membership by state: DE: 1,055  NJ: 8,116  NY: 1,341 PA: 2,953                                                                   


2.             We need your news. We wanted to flood the editor with news from

               Middle Atlantic Region.  Even though you send items for your state

               newsletter and report your activities,  that doesn’t go out to the

               world. We really want to let others know about our great ideas,

               events, activities, fundraisers, membership endeavors, etc.


   It’s easy to find “how to submit your club news. Go online to Click on publications. It’s all there. You can send it

    online or print it out and send it in.


If you don’t have access to that, please call me I’ll be glad to help you.


*****Let’s try to be the featured region in more of the club news. I know you all have items that are of interest to others.



GFWC Middle Atlantic Region<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" /> 

Fundraising Report 

Gail D. Kovacs-Felici, Chairman 


This Chairman would like to thank those that contributed to the fundraising efforts at the 2013 October Middle Atlantic Conference in <?xml:namespace prefix = "st1" />Wilmington, Delaware. 


The region pins sold brought in $200.00 in revenue.  There are still 4 pins available for sale at a cost of $8 per pin. 


Also still available are the blue Middle Atlantic t-shirts (6 medium and 6 extra large).  These sell for $10 each. 


The “Have Dinner on GFWC Middle Atlantic” raffle was a success.  The entry fee of $5 enabled members to have three chances to win the cost of their meal back in cash and a bottle of wine.  The total cost to the region was $143.38 and we collected $460.00 in sales.  This resulted in a net profit of $321.62 for the region.  Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to these winners: 

Friday evening dinner:       Pat Greene – GFWCNY 

Saturday luncheon:           Mary Ellen Glynn – GFWCNY 

Saturday evening dinner:   Rae Salandra – NJSFWC of GFWC 


The total fundraising efforts at the conference resulted in $521.62 for the region.