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The General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), one of the world's largest and oldest nonpartisan, nondenominational, women's volunteer service organizations, was founded in 1890 and chartered by the 56th United States Congress in 1901.


GFWC's eight regions hold annual conferences in the fall to share ideas, learn current GFWC information, attend workshops, and conduct important business, including elections. It's the perfect time to enjoy fun, festivities, and Federation friends. The GFWC International President and GFWC President-elect attend each of the eight region conferences.  



PRESIDENT:  Patricia “Trish” Rodriquez, Delaware 

VICE PRESIDENT: Deen Meloro, New Jersey 

SECRETARY:  Dr. Dana Charles Clark, Pennsylvania 

TREASURER:  Linda Kreussling, New York


GFWC MAR President's Theme:  Step Forward & Believe

Project:  Restorative Justice Awareness


 States in the Middle Atlantic Region are Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.


GFWC-Delaware State Federation of Women's Clubs President Henrietta Belcher-Stack

      DE President's Theme: 


Delaware Website:


New Jersey State Federation of Women's GFWC President Jill Passaretti

      NJ President's Theme: 


New Jersey Website:


GFWC-New York State Federation of Women's Clubs President Rosemary Brown

      NY President's Theme: 


New York Website:


GFWC Pennsylvania President Vicky Ann Trimmer

      PA President's Theme:  "Make Libraries Rock"

      Project:  To provide new books, funds, and volunteer hours to support literacy and

                        curriculum in the public and school libraries.

Pennsylvania Website:


            GFWC Middle Atlantic Region States - Clubs 2012
            Delaware Clubs 23 General 0 Junior 0 Juniorette
            New Jersy Clubs 185 General 37 Junior 9 Juniorette
            New York Clubs 35 General 4 Junior 1 Juniorette
            Pennsylvania Clubs 103 General 0 Junior 0 Juniorette


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    Congratulations to the Four GFWC Middle Atlantic Region States:

Delaware State Convention - Jane Folz 2012 - 2014:
President - Henrietta Belcher - Stack 2014 - 2016
LEADS - JoAnne Koehler
Jennie June - Trish Rodriguez
Installation - Mary Ellen Brock
Bylaw Changes
Place - Christiana Hilton, Delaware

New Jersey State Convention - Linda Babeuf 2012 - 2014:
President - Jill Passaretti  2014 - 2016
LEADS - Joann Aponte
Jennie June - Cathy Cerbo
Installation - Mary Pat Marcello
Bylaw Changes - one Membership - Level - plus Juniorettes
Place - Atlantic City, New Jersey

New York  State Convention - Dottie Bachman 2012 - 2014:
President - Rosemary Brown 2014 - 2016
Junior Director - Pat De Sousa 2014 - 2016
LEADS - Kathy Newkirk
Jennie June - Karen Morris
Installation - Elaine Ko Talmadge
Bylaw Changes
Place - Holiday Inn Express - Albany/Lathum, New York

Pennsylvania Convention - Vicky Trimmer 2013- 2014:
President - Vicky Trimmer 2014 - 2016
LEADS - none
Jennie June - Elizabeth Schirmer
Installation - Faye Z. Dissinger
Bylaw Changes
Place - Seven Springs Resort & Spa - Pennsylvania

Trish Rodriguez
GFWC Middle Atlantic Region President 2012 - 2014