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The General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), one of the world's largest and oldest nonpartisan, nondenominational, women's volunteer service organizations, was founded in 1890 and chartered by the 56th United States Congress in 1901.


GFWC's eight regions hold annual conferences in the fall to share ideas, learn current GFWC information, attend workshops, and conduct important business, including elections. It's the perfect time to enjoy fun, festivities, and Federation friends. The GFWC International President and GFWC President-elect attend each of the eight region conferences.  



PRESIDENT:  Patricia “Trish” Rodriquez, Delaware 

VICE PRESIDENT: Deen Meloro, New Jersey 

SECRETARY:  Dr. Dana Charles Clark, Pennsylvania 

TREASURER:  Linda Kreussling, New York


GFWC MAR President's Theme:  Step Forward & Believe

Project:  Restorative Justice Awareness


 States in the Middle Atlantic Region are Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.


GFWC-Delaware State Federation of Women's Clubs President Jane Folz

      DE President's Theme:  Dream It, Wish it, Do It

            Project:  Gardens for Women's Comfort

Delaware Website:


New Jersey State Federation of Women's GFWC President Linda Babeuf

      NJ President's Theme: Believe in the Mission - Be Seen, Be Heard.

      Family Promise: To assist the Homeless and Low Income.  

New Jersey Website:


GFWC-New York State Federation of Women's Clubs President Dorothy "Dottie" Bachman

      NY President's Theme: Volunteers Make the World Go Round 

      Focus on Literacy

New York Website:


GFWC Pennsylvania President Vicky Ann Trimmer

      PA President's Theme:  Our Children Hold Our Future

            Project:  To assist teens leaving the foster care system into successful

            independent living.

Pennsylvania Website:


            GFWC Middle Atlantic Region States - Clubs 2012
            Delaware Clubs 23 General 0 Junior 0 Juniorette
            New Jersy Clubs 185 General 37 Junior 9 Juniorette
            New York Clubs 35 General 4 Junior 1 Juniorette
            Pennsylvania Clubs 103 General 0 Junior 0 Juniorette


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New Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs of GFWC:
(3) New Clubs:
1 - The GFWC Saddle Brook Woman's Club held its' chartering ceremony in January 
2 - In June, we welcomed the GFWC Cliffside Park Woman's Club
3 - The GFWC Northern Valley Junior Woman's Club
Congratulations !!




Sad News:

Mary Bixby, NJSFWC Past State President 1972-1974 passed away early February.  

Our hearts and deepest sympathies are extended to her family from the GFWC Middle Atlantic Region.

In Sympathy,
"Trish" Rodriguez

 Mary Bixby, Past NJ State President 1972 - 1974

Our dear Mary Bixby turned 93 on January 3rd. 2014.

She was truly a remarkable woman, supportive of the NJSFWC until the end.

I spoke to her about a week before she died.
I called to thank her for a generous donation to our Special State Project and to ask her to bring the Welcome at our Convention from the Past State Presidents.
She agreed to do that, she had already started shopping for new outfits for Convention!

We held our first golf outing on October 28th 2013 and it was named in her honor.
She had a foursome that day with her son, daughter and daughter-in-law.

In addition she played bridge several days a week, in fact Jill and I were going to meet her this week at the Country Club to set the date for the 2014 Golf Outing.

She was very supportive and willing to accept change although she believed strongly in tradition and protocol. She was a very elegant lady and will be missed by all who knew her.

I do not have her son or daughters address but will get it for you as soon as I can. 

I am attaching two photos of Mary so you can see who I am talking about. One was from last years Convention which we used as the cover for the program at the golf outing and the other of Mary and me at the outing which was named the Mary Bixby Inaugural Invitational Golf Outing held at Trenton Country Club.

Mary has been a member of TCC since she was a very young girl. 
I will send the address as soon as I get it. 
As I said, we are all heartbroken but feel honored to have known her. 

Linda Babeuf
NJSFWC State President 2012 - 2014